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replacement of insulation sanitation

Repairing animal damage

Remediation for Areas Damaged by Animals

So Much More Than Mere Removal

Removing a nuisance animal from your home or business is only part of the job. The removal is only truly complete when you have Absolute Animal & Pest Control WCNAT perform an expert remediation to sanitize and deodorize the area and repair the damage done by the invader.

Prevent disease, insects, and reinfestation

When you have us clean out and disinfect an area that an animal has inhabited, your risks of exposure to roundworms, lice, ticks, parasites, histoplasmosis, and other dangers are reduced. Removing animal waste and urine-soaked insulation decreases the chance that other animals will be attracted to your property.

Complete remediation of affected areas

  • Thorough cleaning

  • Disinfection

  • Sanitization

  • Treatment for parasitic organisms

Over 35 years of remediation experience


When bats, mice, raccoons, and other animals make their nests in your commercial or residential building, they do damage that needs special attention.


They leave behind feces and urine that attract other animals, and they may carry insects or parasites that linger in your home long after the animal is gone.


For animal control and thorough cleanup once the animals have been removed, call Absolute Animal & Pest Control WCNAT at 877-946-6739.


You can learn more about safely cleaning up after a rodent infestation on the CDC website. Have us do all that for you!

  • Removal of compacted insulation

  • Replacement with new insulation

  • Removal of animal feces and urine-soaked materials

When you choose Absolute Animal & Pest Control WCNAT, you will get the benefits that come with decades of experience. We know what to look for and we know how to repair it. Additionally, you'll get assistance with your insurance claim.