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The Pests That Make Noise in the Night

Do you hear strange noises in the night in your home or office? Is your peaceful silence interrupted by tiny little feet running through the attic or climbing inside the walls? If so, you probably have invasive animals. It's time to call Absolute Animal & Pest Control WCNAT at 877-946-6739.

Help us find the pests

Finding and removing animals from your residential or commercial property begins with locating and identifying them. It's very helpful to us if you can provide some basic information.

Drawing on over 35 years of experience

Armed with the data you've given us, we can identify your invader. Whether you have a diurnal invader like a bird or chipmunk or a nocturnal visitor like a bat or squirrel, we'll use the knowledge from our decades of experience to find, remove it, and to come up with a pest exclusion plan to prevent them from returning.

SAVE in the long run by calling us today

One animal today will lead to many more in the future if you don't act quickly. Animals living in your walls and attic will damage the insulation and structural elements, and they may cause a fire if they get into electrical systems. When you hear scratching on the walls or ceiling, contact us right away.


Some of the animals that sneak into your walls and attic are surprisingly dangerous. They may look furry and cute, but many harbor fleas or diseases.


For thorough removal and exclusion of these nuisance animals, you need a specialist with decades of experience in locating and removing them.


Call Absolute Animal & Pest Control WCNAT at 877-946-6739 to put our 35+ years of experience to work for you.

  • Where did you hear the noises?

  • What time did you hear them?

  • What kind of noises did you hear (footsteps, chewing, screeching, a large or small animal, etc.)?