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Nuisance pests

don't belong in your home or office

Pest Control You Can Count On

Proven insect control

From bedbugs to stinging insects, you can rely on Absolute Animal & Pest Control WCNAT for thorough removal of insect pests. Contact us for bees, roaches, ants, spiders and more.

Experienced nuisance animal control

If your residential or commercial property has become the home of unwanted animals, we have over 35 years of experience in removing them, plus a certified wildlife control specialist and a certified bat removal specialist.

Specialized animal removal services

Things in your walls

If you can hear critters in your walls, ceiling, or attic, we can make them go away. You'll get the peace and quiet that your home or office should have.

Sick animal removal

Call our emergency line at 419-212-1017 for prompt removal of an animal that looks diseased. It's the best way to keep your children and pets safe.

Effective remediation

Once an animal has invited itself into your home or farm, it leaves behind waste and unpleasant risks that should be removed by trained professionals.

Sleep better Protect your family Get a cleaner building bats

When nature gets a little TOO close.

Rodent Control Expert

Anytime, Anywhere!