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Safer than doing it yourself

Expert Removal of Bugs and Pests

Interior and exterior bug and pest control

Reclaim your property with the professional insect and animal control services of Absolute Animal & Pest Control WCNAT. Have us get rid of the swarming, stinging things that nest around your residential or commercial property. Our proven methods protect your family, pets and workers from a wide variety of bugs and pests.

Swift service for all kinds of stinging and annoying insects

  • Bedbugs

  • Bees

  • Yellow jackets

  • Hornets

  • Fleas

Pest control for your property

You can count on Absolute Animal & Pest Control WCNAT to keep your yard free of burrowing beasts that tear up your turf. Let us handle your shrews and moles, and you'll get a yard that's free of tunnels and holes.

Thorough removal for home, cottages and commercial properties

  • Decks and porches

  • Pool decks

  • Outdoor dining and bar areas

  • Barns and farms

  • Ants

  • Spiders

  • Roaches

  • Ticks

  • Wasps

  • Rental properties

  • Construction sites

  • Warehouses and storage facilities

  • Offices and retail spaces

Many insect pests are surprisingly dangerous, so the best solution is to hire a professional pest removal team with more than 35 years in the business.


Ticks carry a variety of diseases, and quite a few homeowners are allergic to bees, wasps, or yellow jackets.


For safe insect removal that reduces your family's exposure to these hazards, call Absolute Animal & Pest Control WCNAT at 877-946-6739 today.